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The School Association

Why Have An Association?

Covenant Christian School is a Christian parent controlled school, governed by an Association of Christian parents committed to maintaining and promoting the Vision and Mission of the school. 

Watch the video to learn about the background and purpose of the Association.

Association members provide support through prayer, have a say about the direction of the school and elect Board members. 

A strong Association of confessing Christian members ensures biblical principles are maintained throughout all areas of the school. The Board’s role is to act as an interface between the staff who make the day to day operational decisions, and the Association parents, who set the direction and policies of the school. 

Our mission is to assist parents to educate and nurture their children to be disciples of Jesus Christ. The Association is governed by the Covenant Christian School Constitution.

Why join the Association? 

The Covenant Christian School Association seeks to be a vibrant, healthy, mutually supportive community working together. By joining, you can support the ongoing vision and mission of the school. A strong Association membership ensures our school continues to teach and operate from a biblical perspective. 

The mission is assisting parents to fulfill the mandate to educate, challenge and nurture their children to be disciples of Jesus Christ. An active, strong Association means a healthy school, where parents can assist the school to “train our children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4) and to equip them to live for God’s glory.

How Do I Join?

The first step is to obtain a Membership Information Pack from the Executive Assistant or to download the documents in the pack here:

What Do We Believe?

The Covenant Christian School Constitution includes our Educational Creed. The Educational Creed articulates our common faith as it applies to the educational task. This is supported by the Covenant Creed to Curriculum document which sets out how what we believe impacts on every aspect of the school.

The school's Summary Statement of Belief sets out the theological basis of the school. 

These three articles from the Nurture Magazine published by Christian Education National gives some insight into Associations in our network of schools.