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Pastoral Care

At Covenant, emotional and spiritual support is a key focus as we extend God’s loving kindness to our students, and to each other. Pastoral care is at the heart of everything we do at Covenant. It impacts every part of our school including the structure, teaching styles and learning environments, effectively meeting the personal, social, spiritual and academic needs of our students. To ensure a strong culture of pastoral care, our passionate teachers are equipped and encouraged to reflect Christ’s love in their interactions with each student.

Pastoral Care in Junior School

Students and their families are cared for from the very beginning of their school journey. The wellbeing of each Junior School student is catered for primarily by their classroom teachers. If needed, additional support is available from school counsellors who meet with students and families to address concerns, develop strategies or to provide referrals. The personal and educational skills of students are developed through programs such as resilience and ‘growth mindset’ training in the primary years.

Junior School is a secure environment preparing children for a smooth transition to the opportunities and demands of Secondary School. Familiarity with and confidence about the start of Secondary School is developed throughout Primary School. For example, some Year 6 specialty subjects are taught by Secondary teaching staff in their specialist facilities, and camps progress in duration and distance from home, gradually developing readiness. 

Caring Infants teacher demonstrates Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care in Secondary School

Daily devotions is an important part of each day for staff and students. Secondary students meet each day for devotions in a multi-age Home Class. Students support their peers under the guidance of an experienced teacher, who remains with the group from Year 7 to 12. 

Each year group also has a Pastoral Care Coordinator who is an expert in the specific needs of that particular stage. Students can also see one of our qualified school counsellors at any time. Wellbeing programs are provided to each year group including PeaceWise, anti-bullying, and age-appropriate mental health and resilience strategies. Small group or lunchtime sessions on relevant topics are also provided as needed.

Pastoral care at the Secondary Swimming Carnival

Pastoral Care - Whole School

Covenant is passionate about the wellbeing of our entire school community which is why we provide a specialist Pastoral Care team, including trained counsellors, to ensure staff, students and families are appropriately supported in times of need. 

By providing a consistent Christian worldview, a student’s identity in Christ is fostered. This strengthens their faith and promotes resilience, thereby nurturing emotional and spiritual growth. Ultimately, our students are taught their value in the unchanging love of God and are given many opportunities to demonstrate this love to each other.