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Year 10 serve those in need

Food Technology Year 10 have been studying a unit of Food Service and Catering. As part of this unit they have been researching and finding out how to prepare, cook and serve food to those in need.

They worked on menus, created dishes and looked at the hygiene and safety laws that homeless centres have to abide by. They learnt about the nutritional requirements of people who go without proper meals and the budgetary concerns of institutions who feed the poor. The group came up with a sound meal idea, cooked the meal in bulk and linked up with 'Food Care', a church run outreach program located at Life Source Christian Centre in Chatswood.

Whilst at the centre, the students helped set up 'Food Care’s' weekly ‘supermarket’, cooked and served morning tea for the shoppers, helped at the checkout and distributed the precooked and frozen meals they had developed - shepherd’s pie and apple berry crumble. It was an amazing time as the student realised the huge need in the Chatswood area and they were able to show God's love by providing and caring for those in their time of need. 

After serving at the centre, the group went to Stella Blu restaurant to experience how the food industry operates. They were given a tour of the kitchen and saw the different sections and the processes of food preparation, cooking and service that would occur as an order came in. They were them treated to some freshly made pizzas.